Outreach Q2 2021 Update

July 2021

CSUR’s (CSEE’s) Outreach program finished off the university year in April with presentations to senior geology classes at McMaster (Geology of Unconventionals) and Vancouver Island University (Environmental Issues around Unconventionals), and a large first-year Civil Engineering class at the University of Toronto (Energy Transitions).

We continued to expand our reach, speaking to a wealth management group at one of Canada’s major banks, again addressing the key topic of Energy Transitions. Investors want to know what to do as they hear reports of the imminent demise of the oil and gas business while watching oil prices climb and energy stocks making big gains. A key message of CSUR’s (CSEE’s) Energy Transitions is that oil and gas will be important energy sources for many years to come as the many practical issues around alternative energy sources are addressed.

CSUR’s (CSEE’s) Outreach is currently taking a break as our efforts are focused on creating a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in cooperation with the University of Alberta on: “21st Century Energy Transition – How do we Make it Work? This 12+ hour course will feature experts and innovators from throughout energy and policy spaces, explaining new ideas, new technologies and huge challenges that lie ahead of us. Detailed scripting of the course is beginning, so that we can be ready to go this fall. We have been generously supported by several members and associates of CSUR’s (CSEE’s), but more money is needed to reach our budget goal of $80,000 to support research and high-quality video production.

Come the fall, CSUR’s (CSEE’s) Outreach will re-engage with university, government and public groups to educate and inform.