February 27, 2020

CSUR Outreach Director Brad Hayes presented “Unconventional Energy – How it Changes the Game” to University of Calgary School of Public Policy graduate students in an Energy Transitions class session on February 24th.

Students represented a broad cross-section of expertise, from newly-graduated technical people to mid-career and retired business people from AER, electrical distribution companies, and oil and gas.  Response was enthusiastic and discussion was prolonged – a presentation normally scheduled for one hour took more than two hours to complete.

These are exactly the types of interactions that CSUR seeks out – we believe it serves our mission and our membership best to share technical information about unconventional resources with technical and non-technical people.  We have had a great deal of success in interacting with the School of Public Policy at U of C, which gives us a window on modern professional education.

Thanks to Professor Blake Schaffer to sharing his classroom with us.