November 23, 2020

CSUR’s Outreach program has been very busy this fall. We expanded our menu of presentations to include a new theme: “Energy Transitions – How Will we Power Humanity in the Future”, and it has been enthusiastically received. CSUR members viewed Energy Transitions earlier this year, and since then we have been updating continuously, and speaking to university groups, member organizations, Government, and other technical societies. This theme is critical to our industry’s future. Providing access to objective facts is what CSUR has always done. It is more critical now as we enter this era of Energy Transition.

Our other presentations continue to be in strong demand as well, and another new entry, “Applying Subsurface Skills”, talking about using petroleum skills to access other resources, was viewed by more than 200 University of Toronto undergraduates in October. CSUR’s connections at University of Waterloo gained us an invitation to speak to the STEM Cluster for Global Resilience at the Balsillie School of International Affairs about water resources research in resource plays of Western Canada. Following on this, the Balsillie School has invited Outreach Director Brad Hayes to become a Balsillie School Fellow, which promises to expand CSUR’s network to high-level policy and research at a national scale.

Building on CSUR’s increased focus on Energy Transitions and the success of our Energy Transitions presentation, we are developing an Energy Transitions MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to be offered to international audiences through the University of Alberta. Helping people understand at a national and international level that oil and gas will be key energy sources for decades to come will be a key message.

We encourage your support and engagement as we undertake this strategic shift to encompass more credible, reliable, and objective information on Canada’s Energy Transition.