Membership Benefits



The Industry has Changed and so has CSEE.


TECHNICALLY FOCUSED: We are a fact-based organization with a deep understanding of all aspects related to exploration, development, and production of unconventional resources.  Our mission is to be the voice of accurate scientific and technical information relating to exploration and development of Canada’s unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

INCLUSIVE: We have strong ties to the entire spectrum of interested stakeholders and interact and engage with them constantly.  These groups are not just industry but academia, governments, environmental groups, consulting firms, financial corporations and the public.  CSEE facilitates the collaborative exchange among all stakeholders, providing the opportunities for your voice to be heard.  CSEE membership provides invaluable opportunities to connect with other industry stakeholders.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:  Members are the voice for the Society and active participation is encouraged.  All Board Members are sourced from the Member populace and each full Member’s representative votes on their appointment.  CSEE membership also gets you substantially reduced rates to workshops and conferences and allows you to participate in CSUR led initiatives and volunteer committees. A Daily Monitoring Media exclusively for members is also included in the membership package.