CSEE informs

Proactively addresses all energy issues with stakeholders and disseminates such information between all parties.


CSEE is knowledge

CSEE convenes top technical experts from various disciplines to proactively address the critical issues facing the energy sector. This information is subsequently shared to our membership.


CSEE is Networking

Enable stakeholder interactions and communication through CSEE’s Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Luncheons, and Meetings.


CSEE is Collaboration

CSEE’s role is to facilitate accurate, factual and collaborative exchange of technical information between all energy stakeholders.


CSEE is Integration

CSEE has a strong and diversified membership that reflects the dynamics of the Evolving Energy Sector. They include geoscientists, engineers, finance, public policy, environmental, and first nations.

Science and Technology

CSEE is Science and Technology

CSEE is a technical society. It embraces objective science & technology as its foundation, and attempts to keep current on all new and relevant information.

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  • This category is specifically designed for small or start-up companies.
  • It allows for up to 5 employees to be designated as members.
  • These employees are entitled to attend all CSEE Events during the calendar year.


  • This category is designed for companies who wish to actively support the Society and its mission and obtain a greater level of benefits
  • Up to 10 employees can attend all CSEE Events
  • An employee can be designated as a potential board nominee
  • Employees are eligible to participate on the Technical Committee & in the Energy Ambassador Program
  • Employees are eligible to participate on CSEE Event panels
  • Employees are eligible to participate in government & stakeholder sessions in partnership with the Society
  • The company is eligible for discounted sponsorship opportunities


  • This category is designed for companies who wish to be strong supporters of the Society and its mission. To actively play a role in the direction and strategy of the organization and its role in the Energy Sector.
  • All benefits associated with Level 2
  • Participation on the Strategic Advisory Board
  • In-House training by CSEE representatives on Society educational programs. These include Energy Transition themes from the Society’s Massive Open Online Course
  • The Society will support the company in any stakeholder engagement session.
  • The company is eligible for greater sponsorship discounts befitting their “Maximum Influencer” status

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