CSEE Outreach In Action!

March 9th, 2021

Q1 2021 Update

CSUR’s Outreach program continues to expand its reach across the country, bringing knowledge about our industry to students and public groups alike.

We delivered our foundational “Geology of Unconventionals” to geology students at Queen’s University for the fourth year in a row, and return engagements to University of Manitoba, McMaster University and Vancouver Island University geology classes are coming up in March.

Almost 50 graduate students in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Alberta, comprising urban planners as well as geoscientists, were keen to hear “Applying Subsurface Skills”, one of our new presentations emphasizing the application of subsurface knowledge to other resources such as geothermal energy and helium and lithium exploration.

“Energy Transitions” was enthusiastically received by the Alberta Student Energy Conference at U of C, and by Faculty of Science students and staff at Yukon University. We’re looking forward to presenting this to Earth Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences Students at UBC in March, where we might expect some hard questions.

CSUR also continued our excellent ongoing relationship with Alberta Synergy, representing the interests of land owners and other stakeholders in areas of Alberta impacted by energy industry field operations. We addressed a meeting of the Pembina Area Synergy Group in late January, bringing them up to speed on the latest developments in the industry, and discussing potential future benefits and impacts in their community.

As mentioned in our last update, CSUR Outreach is participating in the development of an Energy Transitions MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to be offered to international audiences in partnership with the University of Alberta. A course plan has been approved, and work is starting on scripting, production and fundraising.

November 23rd, 2020

(Fall 2020 Update)

CSUR’s Outreach program has been very busy this fall. We expanded our menu of presentations to include a new theme: “Energy Transitions – How Will we Power Humanity in the Future”, and it has been enthusiastically received. CSUR members viewed Energy Transitions earlier this year, and since then we have been updating continuously, and speaking to university groups, member organizations, Government, and other technical societies. This theme is critical to our industry’s future. Providing access to objective facts is what CSUR has always done. It is more critical now as we enter this era of Energy Transition.

Our other presentations continue to be in strong demand as well, and another new entry, “Applying Subsurface Skills”, talking about using petroleum skills to access other resources, was viewed by more than 200 University of Toronto undergraduates in October. CSUR’s connections at University of Waterloo gained us an invitation to speak to the STEM Cluster for Global Resilience at the Balsillie School of International Affairs about water resources research in resource plays of Western Canada. Following on this, the Balsillie School has invited Outreach Director Brad Hayes to become a Balsillie School Fellow, which promises to expand CSUR’s network to high-level policy and research at a national scale.

Building on CSUR’s increased focus on Energy Transitions and the success of our Energy Transitions presentation, we are developing an Energy Transitions MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to be offered to international audiences through the University of Alberta. Helping people understand at a national and international level that oil and gas will be key energy sources for decades to come will be a key message.

We encourage your support and engagement as we undertake this strategic shift to encompass more credible, reliable, and objective information on Canada’s Energy Transition.

August 17th, 2020

CSUR Outreach has been busy over the summer, researching and updating our core presentations and reaching out to potential audiences for the fall and winter.

We have presented to three groups since the beginning of summer. On June 25th, Outreach Director Brad Hayes addressed a CSUR Non-Technical seminar on “Energy Transitions”. In early July, the U of C Masters of Sustainable Energy Development program also saw “Energy Transitions”, and engaged is a very lively and sustained discussion throughout and afterwards.

Royal Roads University invited Outreach back in July for our third annual online presentation to the Foundations for Environmental Communication course in the School of Communications and Culture Master’s program. We introduced unconventionals and hydraulic fracturing, and discussed environmental issues concerning water resources. This was a great opportunity to reach an environmentally-focused audience without previous oil and gas exposure.

Our Fall program will address many university groups, maintaining our strong ties with Geoscience and Engineering students across Canada. We are having success in engaging with more Public Policy and Environmental groups, to communicate with groups that are not typically “friends” of oil and gas. As all presentations for the remainder of 2020 will be online, we are also reaching further afield geographically, as travel schedules and expenses are not an issue.

We continue to work on further engagements with government, First Nations, and community groups, and are working towards sessions with high school students as well.

CSUR’s Board of Directors has approved making the topic of “Energy Transition” a keynote for our program – highlighting the realities around society’s transition to alternative energy sources in the coming decades, and making the case that oil and gas will play a strong role for many years to come. An “Energy Transitions 101” day-long modular seminar is currently being developed, which we think will be of interest to many different government, regulatory, community and technical groups.

May 11th, 2020

OERA Online Exchange

Like many other programs focused on education and personal interaction, CSUR’s Outreach program was profoundly interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel bans and shutdowns.

We have used the pause to reflect on and update our 2020 planning.  For the near future, at least, we will focus on delivering presentations and discussions online.  We are updating our suite of presentations, looking at additional funding sources, and reaching out to both old friends and new prospects for delivering our messages.

Our first “post-interruption” online session was hosted by Nova Scotia’s Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) Online Exchange webinar series on May 6th.  CSUR Outreach Director Brad Hayes spoke for an hour with OERA Executive Director Alisdair McLean on “How will COVID-19 change our energy future: A perspective on what’s next for oil and gas”.  More than 110 people watched, and we succeeded in reaching many people who would not normally get to see CSUR events.  You can see the recorded webinar at OERA Website.

Stay tuned for CSUR Outreach news, including opportunities to participate in our Outreach events.

February 27th, 2020


CSUR Outreach Director Brad Hayes presented “Unconventional Energy – How it Changes the Game” to University of Calgary School of Public Policy graduate students in an Energy Transitions class session on February 24th.

Students represented a broad cross-section of expertise, from newly-graduated technical people to mid-career and retired business people from AER, electrical distribution companies, and oil and gas.  Response was enthusiastic and discussion was prolonged – a presentation normally scheduled for one hour took more than two hours to complete.

These are exactly the types of interactions that CSUR seeks out – we believe it serves our mission and our membership best to share technical information about unconventional resources with technical and non-technical people.  We have had a great deal of success in interacting with the School of Public Policy at U of C, which gives us a window on modern professional education.

Thanks to Professor Blake Schaffer to sharing his classroom with us.

Summary Update 2018/2019

OUTREACH Plans for 2020

October 25th, 2019

CSUR in Halifax

Outreach Director Brad Hayes visited Halifax on behalf of CSUR for several events during the week of October 15-19th.

The central event was the energy3 Conference, sponsored by the Maritimes Energy Association, Marine Renewables Canada, and the Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA).  CSUR was invited by conference organizers to present on two panels: “What’s Underfoot: the Onshore Story”, and “The Potential for Maritimes Onshore Natural Gas Development”.  Both panels addressed onshore Maritimes gas development potential in terms of geological potential, regulatory and community issues, and hydraulic fracturing regulation.

Brad Hayes also visited with staff from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and OERA discussing current practices and regulation of unconventional oil and gas development in western Canada.

Finally Dalhousie University Department of Earth Sciences and Environment hosted an evening presentation of “Unconventional Energy – How it Changes the Game”.

September 23th, 2019


CSUR Outreach participated in the Alberta Student Energy Conference on September 19 and 20th.  ASEC is a professional development event hosted by business and engineering students at the University of Calgary, stimulating discussion between industry and students to create new relationships and share knowledge (ASEC).

On Thursday morning, Chad Lemke joined a panel of industry veterans to judge student presentations of feasibility studies on two very current topics:  solar / geothermal tech, and alternatives to curtailment.  Chad reported that the students did an excellent job, particularly standing up to the demanding judges!

On Friday morning, Brad Hayes participated in the Executive Panel Discussion “Energy – Looking through a New Lens” – addressing current energy supply and transitions from Alberta, Canadian and global perspectives.  In the afternoon, he followed with the CSUR Outreach presentation “Energy Transitions – How do we Power Humanity in the Future?”. At both sessions, there was great discussion around the realities of how the world can transition to alternative sources of energy.  A common theme was the importance of Canada in world energy markets, particularly as a clean, ethical source of natural gas – a key fuel in every future energy scenario.

August 15th, 2019

CSUR hosted its second Outreach event of the summer for students and interns on August 15th.  Twenty-five people from eight CSUR member organizations attended to hear Chad Lemke (GLJ Petroleum Consultants) present “Unconventional Energy – How it Changes the Game”.  Presentation room facilities were generously made available by Crescent Point Energy.

Our two student / intern Outreach events this summer were conducted as an educational service to member organizations, and were very successful in introducing students, new employees, and non-technical staff to the unconventional heart of the oil and gas business.  We look forward to conducting more such events for our members in the future.


July 29th, 2019

CSUR OUTREACH: Royal Roads University

CSUR Outreach continues to expand its scope in Canadian university communities.  On July 29, we videoconferenced a presentation on hydraulic fracturing and water resources with the Foundations of Environmental Communication graduate class of 21 students at Royal Roads University in Victoria.  We were invited back to repeat last-year’s presentation to the same class, and we are very pleased to work with Dr. Geo Takach’s environmental communications students.


CSUR Outreach partnered with the Central Alberta Synergy Group (CASG) in mid-June, visiting two central Alberta communities to talk about Duvernay unconventional oil development and water resources. Synergy Alberta’s mission is to foster and support mutually satisfactory resource development outcomes in Alberta communities by providing information, mutual learning, facilitation and resources.

About 30 community members attended at Ridgewood Hall (south of Sylvan Lake) on June 12th, and about 50 at Lincoln Hall (just east of Gull Lake) on June 13th – great turnouts considering the Stanley Cup final game was on the first night, and the Raptors NBA victory the second night!

CSUR Outreach Director Brad Hayes opened each session with an overview of unconventional resources, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, and water resources. Alberta Environment and Parks followed talking about water policy and allocation, and presentations wrapped up with an Alberta Environment representative discussing water licensing and enforcement. Each meeting concluded with more than a half-hour of public Q&A, followed by one-on-one conversations.

CLICK HERE to read Dr. Hayes full report.

CSUR at the ReDeveLoP Challenge 2019

CSUR was a key participant in the second CREATE ReDeveLoP Challenge 2019 (Responsible Development of Low-Permeability hydrocarbon resources) Challenge Annual Conference, held in Calgary the week of May 27th. At this year’s conference, CSUR President Dan Allan and Director Brad Hayes presented on “Science and Public Perception”, and on “Listening to Advocates”.

CSUR Presents to the Fox Creek School, March 19th

Fox Creek Synergy Partnership and CSUR presented “HOW THE GAME IS CHANGING FOX CREEK” to the town of Fox Creek on March 19th.  The event was attended by the Town of Fox Creek and local stakeholders. Dr. Brad Hayes, Director of Outreach for CSUR also took time out to speak to classes at the Fox Creek School.

Daily Oil Bulletin Articles which are written by Dr. Brad Hayes, Director and Chair of the CSUR Outreach Program


March 21, 2018: Read Dr Brad Hayes report here for a recap of Q1, 2018.  Q1 2018 Recap, OUTREACH

Image result for alberta student energy conference logoFebruary 9, 2018:  Director Brad Hayes spoke on behalf of CSUR at the Alberta Student Energy Conference at the University of Calgary on February 9th, as part of the CSUR Outreach initiative.  ASEC brings together a diverse group of students, primarily from the Faculties of Business and Engineering at U of C, but hosts delegates from other universities as well – exactly the mix of future technical experts, business leaders, and policymakers CSUR Outreach strives to reach.  Brad presented “Unconventional Energy:  How the Game is Changing” – our introduction to unconventional oil and gas, environmental issues, and advocacy to a very engaged crowd of about 30 students in a break-out session.  During the primary meeting where about 75 delegates attended, Brad sat on a panel with representatives from CAPP and TCPL, discussing a wide range of energy issues, touching on many of the “hot-button” regulatory, environmental and societal issues critical to our industry’s future.

Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources

  • Director and Chair of the CSUR Outreach Program, Dr. Brad Hayes, recently joined Stuart McNish on Conversations that Matter to discuss Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Resources.  VIEW HERE.