Outreach Q1 2021 Update

March 9th, 2021

CSUR’s Outreach program continues to expand its reach across the country, bringing knowledge about our industry to students and public groups alike.

We delivered our foundational “Geology of Unconventionals” to geology students at Queen’s University for the fourth year in a row, and return engagements to University of Manitoba, McMaster University and Vancouver Island University geology classes are coming up in March.

Almost 50 graduate students in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Alberta, comprising urban planners as well as geoscientists, were keen to hear “Applying Subsurface Skills”, one of our new presentations emphasizing the application of subsurface knowledge to other resources such as geothermal energy and helium and lithium exploration.

“Energy Transitions” was enthusiastically received by the Alberta Student Energy Conference at U of C, and by Faculty of Science students and staff at Yukon University. We’re looking forward to presenting this to Earth Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences Students at UBC in March, where we might expect some hard questions.

CSUR also continued our excellent ongoing relationship with Alberta Synergy, representing the interests of land owners and other stakeholders in areas of Alberta impacted by energy industry field operations. We addressed a meeting of the Pembina Area Synergy Group in late January, bringing them up to speed on the latest developments in the industry, and discussing potential future benefits and impacts in their community.

As mentioned in our last update, CSUR Outreach is participating in the development of an Energy Transitions MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to be offered to international audiences in partnership with the University of Alberta. A course plan has been approved, and work is starting on scripting, production and fundraising.