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The aim of the Canadian Society for Evolving Energy (CSEE) is to advance both the science and technology required to make Canada a global leader in sustainable and efficient energy. The Society accomplishes this through knowledge sharing, collaboration and integration between all stakeholders; industry, academic institutions, government, indigenous groups, other associations, and the public at large.


To facilitate the accurate, factual and collaborative, exchange of information relating to Canada’s Evolving Energy sector and its relationship to all stakeholders.


In order to fulfill our objectives, the Society will continually engage with its existing membership and carefully listen to their needs and interests. We will apply that learning to expand our membership base. We will look for external funding opportunities should they fall within our guidelines. We will maintain an active social media presence to communicate our value and information. We will interact with other associations, and related parties in order to advance the industry.


The Society has achieved a reputation for being an objective and fact-based technical organization. It purposefully does not engage in subjective opinion or the promotion of such opinions. It encourages free and open dialogue based on the premise of advancing science and technology.


The Society is committed to preserving its integrity and objectivity while allowing subject matter experts free rein to present information. The Society will ensure that all such information is consistent with our mission statement and does not include political commentary or subjective opinion.


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