As part of our evolving strategy, CSUR is developing the Energy Transitions MOOC in cooperation with University of Alberta, joining U of A’s tremendously successful MOOC lineup including Indigenous Canada (>380,000 enrolled).

CSUR’s MOOC will be the only comprehensive online treatment of today’s Energy Transition, from history of past transitions through today’s energy sources to future engineering realities and policy requirements – a 29 lesson package.

Led by CSUR Outreach Chair and University of Alberta Adjunct Professor Brad Hayes, the MOOC will feature experts on energy sources, electrical grids, energy storage, supply chains, policy development, and future planning.

The University is providing editorial and project management support, and its participation will assure access to a broad international audience.

Discussions with the University’s Energy Systems Signature Area are aimed to have the CSUR Energy Transitions MOOC expanded into a full semester core course in their Energy Systems program.

We have a funding goal of $125,000 to cover:
– Research and program content development
– Professional scripting, video and editing work to achieve the production values required for online success

The University is providing editorial and project management support without charge.

CSUR is providing project management, staff resources, volunteer support and networking without charge, and has contributed $15,000.

To date we have raised $92,000. We are requesting additional support from our membership and other organizations.

For More Information, contact: [email protected]

(Latest update December 10, 2021)